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About Me

Hello! I'm Amanda, a Suffolk based, specialist newborn and first years photographer. 

Considering I really wasn't a big fan of history at school, playing a part in documenting the history of my clients' lives, is now my absolute favourite thing to do. My other favourite things are talking about babies, baking and eating brownies - in this job I get to do it all!  

I have completed hours of  training with a host of professional  photographers, and I continue to update my skills through additional training and mentoring. Training is hugely important when it comes to newborns and children - safety is my absolute priority above all else. I am a Baby & Newborn Photography Association member and I am fully insured.

Outside of the studio, my husband and I do our best to keep our two daughters on the straight and narrow, and their fingers out of the plug sockets. We also have to "look after"  more stuffed toy animals than I ever thought even existed. 

Any questions at all - do please get in touch, I'd love to talk to you!