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I started writing a blog, about the things that really were very useful to me when my daughters were born. I was planning a kind of “must have things for new parents”. And then, I found My Fourth Trimester - a brilliant new offering, I love the ethos and idea behind this brand, and it started right here in Islington!

So, without further ado - I am going to hand this over to Fanny, who is the founder of My Fourth Trimester - the UK's first baby and nursery rental service.

My Fourth Trimester is a baby and nursery items rental service for new parents and the thought of it started last summer as my daughter Liv was born.

Liv was born with a cleft palate – and as a result of that, I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed - something I had just taken for granted planning for my early days as a Mom. A few months in (and many breast pumps later), I was shocked about the waste and spending that comes with having a newborn and being a new parent.

My idea developed into something more serious during the first lockdown here in London this spring, and I eventually had a successful Crowdfunder campaign later this summer. You can read more about the core values and our bigger long-term goals here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/my-fourth-trimester

My Fourth Trimester (MFT) is as much about helping parents, as it is about the environment. It is aimed to give parents the opportunity to choose what they want, when they need it, and for how long they want to keep it. Something affordable, flexible and democratic. I call it conscious parenting – parenting on parents own terms. Small footprints, big steps 😊

MFT is one of its kind and fills a gap in the market where there is a huge demand. Parents of all sorts   are looking for more affordable and sustainable solutions, as you know. It’s primarily about baby products more than baby clothes (although I have a few great clothing brands coming on board starting next year!), so with MFT you can rent everything from a cot to a breast pump, or maybe a baby nest or a bundle for someone who is expecting. It works through subscription bundles and you pay a monthly fee. It’s as easy as anything else you rent in your life, whether it being music, books, cars or vacation places.

How it works:

You simply choose the bundle that seems right for you – on the bundle it states how long the minimum renting time is, and then you just pay – you’ll get it delivered either on a standard delivery date or you can choose a date – perhaps if you’re pregnant and planning ahead!

After your minimum rental period has ended you can continue renting your bundle on a monthly basis, and you simply just give us a heads up 30 days in advance when you want to leave.

We will then pick it up from you on a date you choose – and after getting properly cleaned and sanitized, it will be ready for someone else to enjoy!

There is currently a launch offer running 20% off your first order and free shipping of all subscription products. Head over to @my_fourth_trimester to see more of the gorgeous brands and items available and to order it's https://www.myfourthtrimester.co.uk/

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