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Lots of people have questions about Newborn sessions - hopefully you can find the answers to yours below!

What will happen during a newborn session?

These sessions are very calm and relaxed. I will be led by your baby, placing  them in a variety of poses all determined by their comfort and safety. I might wrap baby up nice and snug (this is a magical way to make babies sleepy!), there are a variety of lovely outfits and perhaps a bucket or bowl. 

When is a good time to have a newborn session?

The ideal time to photograph a Newborn is between 5-18 days old, as they are still all snuggly and sleepy and can be safely posed to create those beautiful first images. If you've missed this window though, do still get in touch - the session might look a little different, but we can still capture some gorgeous memories.

When should I book?

As soon as you can! Most people book around their 20week scan to make sure I can fit the session in. I will book based on your due date, but don't fret if baby is early or late - they have a habit of not sticking to the schedule and I always leave some wiggle room in the calendar for that reason!

My baby is already here, is it too late to book a session?

It is always worth contacting me to see if I have availability.  Depending on how old your baby is when you book, the session might be a little different but we'll still have plenty of options.

Why does it take so long?

A Newborn Photography session can take a little while - between 2-4hrs. This is because in these sessions - your baby is in charge! I work with your little one’s mood and comfort level, and adjust the session to go along with them. The session time is all encompassing of feeding, changing and comforting and we can take a break whenever baby needs.

Is a newborn session safe?

Yes - safety is my absolute priority. I am always watchful of baby's temperature and circulation throughout the session. I continuously undertake training to ensure I am up to date and do not compromise on any element of your baby's safety. 

My baby has spotty skin! Can we still go ahead with the session?

Of course! There are very few things that editing can not cope with. I will never remove permanent features from your images, but if baby has developed some acne or particularly flaky patches that will be gone in a few days, those are all easily edited without losing any of your babies beautiful skin texture. 

What if my baby cries?

Don't panic! These sessions are designed to be a relaxing experience for everyone - including baby. All babies cry sometimes, and if that happens during your session, there is plenty of time allowed to feed if baby needs feeding, or to comfort,  change a nappy, or burp! 

What if my baby poops on you or your stuff?

I feel like this is a rite of passage for every newborn photographer! It goes with territory, and is never unexpected! All items are laundered after every session so, please do not worry. 

Can we bring our own outfits for baby?

I prefer to use only my own outfits and props for sessions, but if there is a keepsake or item of special significance to you, please do let me know and we'll try to incorporate for a few images.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

I am fully vaccinated and I will  be wearing a mask throughout the session, if requested. Hand  sanitiser gel is always available. I won't be wearing gloves, but I wash my hands before touching your baby anyway, and will use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the session. 

I have another question you haven't answered? 

Please do contact me and ask!  hello@amandacousinsphotography.co.uk